How to Find Us?

Relax - we can also take care of your hotel pick-up

If you are on holiday here in Malta and find it difficult to move around, well basically you could do without the extra hassle of making your way to our shop especially since we already offer hotel transport as part of our services for excursions & courses so in most cases you will simply be picked up directly from your residence and won’t have to worry about trying to find us.

But anyway for those adventurous guys or simply because you already have a rental car here below,is a map to help you locate our dive centreshall you decide to make your ownway to the shop.

In the case you get lost anyway the good old “stopping on the side of the road and asking the locals” will do the trick.

If you actually decide to come and meet us at the dive centre we will be happy to reserve for you a special discount, so please ask for more information.

Please note that shop opening hours are not the same as the Dive centre or excursions schedule. So only take into account these timings when planning to visit the dive shop. For excursions or other diving services please just contact us and we will inform you with the timings according to the individual program.

Our Address:

Mosta Road
St. Paul’s Bay
SPB 3418, Malta

Tel. (00356) 79063462

Our Opening Hours:

Everyday: 7.00am till 7.00pm

Please note that to join our daily excursions booking in advance is required.

The Maltese Islands
Aquatica in St. Paul’s Bay

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Public transport

For more information about bus routes to and from St. Paul’s Bay please visit