PADI 5 Star Dive Centre

Professionalism, Safety & Fun

Aquatica is licensed as a PADI 5* Dive Centre which within itself is a commitment in offering high quality diver training, adhere and follow all safety standards and most of all we make sure to keep diving FUN!


Our activities cover the entire spectrum of diving services, starting from Beginner dives and Entry level courses for then progressing with more Advanced and specialized training and also opening the doors to new carriers with the Professional level courses.

Diving excursions run on a daily basis and the sites we visit vary from reefs, to caves and obviously the very popular wrecks.

For Technical & CCR divers we offer a full range of courses, gas fills, excursions and logistical support.

We also have the availability to rent out equipment so you can reduce your weight baggage when traveling or even organize your own dives, with the ability to rent tanks, if you are already familiar with the local dive sites.

Training Agencies

In order to cover for so many different and specialized courses we collaborate with the largest diver training organization within the diving community, PADI.

All courses are conducted by trained professionals who are committed to teach diving within the highest standards of diver education and also share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the underwater environment with all students / divers.

It is this professional and friendly attitude towards diving itself and our guests that makes learning to dive with us such a wonderful and exciting experience.


The pumping heart of our dive centre is our modern compressor which ensures that all our tanks get filled only with dry, pure air which also meets oxygen clean requirements which is good to know for all those interested in mixed gas diving.

This is one of many examples how at our dive centre we’re constantly investing in new, modern and technologically advanced solutions as part of our commitment toward safety and the enjoyment of all our activities. After all diving is all about pure simple fun and adventure, so relying on equipment you can trust is imperative.