Diving in Malta

A hotspot for divers from around the world

Malta has recently been rated within the top 3 dive destinations world wide. The reasons to this are varied but just to mention a few we can say that the diversity of dive sites, wrecks with historical importance and crystal clear waters are all keys points for the recognition of Malta as an internationally renowned destination for any level of divers.

This recognition is strengthened by the excellent safety reputation that the local diving industry has achieved in the last decade where dive centers like ours has always kept in touch with the highest standards of diving safety and regulations.

This perfect combination offers divers spectacular diving sites together with a quality service immersed in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean sea.

But what is there to see?

Well, there’s lots for everybody, from beginners to hard core mixed gas divers. Simply enough it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, the dive sites around the Malta will always amuse you with spectacular underwater scenes, from shallow reefs filled with color and life to WWII wrecks found in deeper waters.

You can also read more about the sites we visit on the Dive Sites section.


The Maltese islands are blessed with many shallow and sheltered bays which are the perfect environment to try diving for the first time. Because our waters offer similar conditions to those of a pool we can conduct most of our beginner dives directly in the sea taking advantage not only of the safe conditions but also to admire even on your first dive the underwater beauty and nature’s wonders.

To know more about it please visit our section dedicated to beginner diver programs

Diving education

If you want to become qualified diver, continue your diving education or else finish off your open water training, with Aquatica dive centre it has never been easier. Not only we provide all the training materials and courses so you can enrich your diving knowledge but we also have loads of dive sites where you can practice staring off from shallow depths and progressing deeper according to your course requirements and personal ability. It is also very easy to gain experience in the various specialized diving environments such wrecks and caves due to their abundance around the Island.

Visit our Courses section to learn more about which courses are best suited for you.

Experienced Divers

In this case it’s just one big play ground for all certified divers. Wrecks, reefs, swim-troughs, caves, drop off reefs, wall dives……. There is some thing for everyone. In fact we organize, on a daily basis, excursions to the various dive sites around Malta, Gozo & Comino.

To know more about the various packages we have on offer kindly visit our Excursions section

Tec Diving

We have a full range of services specifically for technical divers. We offer courses starting from advanced Nitrox up to CCR Inspiration training. Excursions, gas fills and logistical support are available on request.

For more information visit our Tec Diving section and also the specifically chosen Tec Dive Sites.