Safety & Regulations

Safety is of utmost important to Aquatica

  • Aquatica dive centre is a DAN (Diver Alert Network) member.
  • Our staff is trained in first aid.
  • All diving activities are directly supervised by qualified and professional instructors.
  • All recreational dives feature a 5 meter safety stop and are planned within non-decompression limits.
  • During all dive excursions a first aid box, oxygen kit, mobile phone and emergency contact numbers are always present.
  • On arrival to the dive centre divers will be requested to fill a registration form. This will include details of your diving qualification and a copy of your medical declaration (see Regulations section below).

Divers Alert Netwrork

Flying after diving recommendation for No-Decompression Dives.

  • For a single No-Decompression dive: A minimum preflight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.
  • For multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving: A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is suggested.
Flying after Diving
Check your no fly time


Our dive centre is officially recognized and authorized to operate by the Malta Tourism Authority.

All divers will have to complete a registration form on arrival at the dive centre. This will include details of your diving qualification and a copy of your medical declaration. In some cases we may also require to see your diving log book so it’s a good idea to bring it along.This is a necessary procedure to guarantee your safety and enjoyment during your diving activities in Malta.

Here is an overview of the Maltese diving regulations, their aim is to ensure that all divers encounter the most pleasurable diving experience with the best safety conditions.(This document is first in Maltese then followed with the English version)

Malta Tourism Authority
A Quality Gaurantee


Most divers will find that they are no longer obliged to be examined by a doctor before diving, however this will depend on their medical history. A medical questionnaire will screen and highlight those people who must seek further medical advice and / or examination prior to diving.

Certain conditions will always be incompatible with diving and if you know you suffer from impaired health, you should make further enquiries before booking a diving holiday.

Technical divers are required to hold a valid medical certificate prior to starting any diving course.

If you do not hold a Medical certificate we willbe able to arrange for you a visit by a diving physician directly at our dive centre. This usually costs 15euros and is paid directly to the physician on the day of the visit.

In some cases you may need one

Minimum Age

The minimum age limit will be determined by the activity that is going to be undertaken. For this reason the decision is left to the discretion of the Instructor and/or as stipulated by the training agency. In most cases the minimum age is 8 years which limits the use of scuba equipment within a pool. However for more details please contact us.

A written parental / guardian consent will be required for all divers under the age of 18.

Parent or Gaurdian required

Unaccompanied Divers

If you intend to dive without a guide, independently from the dive centre (organized or independent diving), you will need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water, CMAS 2 Star Diver or equivalent, otherwise you will have to be accompanied in the water by an Instructor. You are no longer obliged to obtain a Local Diving Permit as in previous years.

For further details please read Legal Notice 153 (Maltese version first followed by the English version), or contact us and we will be glad to help you with your enquiries.

Independent Divers
Advanced certification required