Tuna Dive

A once in a life time Experience

Other wise known as Marine Adventure Park, the Tuna Dive is some thing that you will probably only be able to experience in Malta. The tuna nets which are located 1 mile offshore hold large numbers of Giant Blue Fin tuna and you actually get the chance to get in the floating net with them and come in close contact with these gentle giants.

It would be very difficult to get so close to these large fish out in the open sea but with this dive you will be diving with hundreds of fish ranging from 50 up to 300kg Tuna.

Even if the Tuna are very big, powerful and fast they are also very aware of the presence of the diver and they are always very careful not to come too close to the divers so there’s actually nothing to worry about.

Most divers exiting the water from this dive would say that they could not believe the size and speed of those fish and it’s a one time life experience to swim with such majestic creatures.

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