Wreck Dives

Wrecks, Wrecks & more Wrecks

Wrecks are a very popular attraction around our local dive sites.

The wrecks present on our dive sites fall under two distinct categories a) the historical wrecks of which most relate to WW II b) Wrecks scuttled to form artificial reefs to attract both fish and divers like a giant magnet.

Some of the most popular wrecks worth mentioning are the Rozi situated at 35mt in Cirkewwa (also as Marfa Point) or else the British battle ship HMS Maori sunk in 1943 during an air raid and now lays in 14 meter of depth.

This shows clearly that even while having an Open Water Certification can still have the chance to visit some wrecks during your diving adventures in Malta.

It is also important to remember that while diving on and around wrecks is safe enough for all divers, penetration is strictly reserved to qualified and experienced divers that have received adequate training.

P29 Patrol Boat
36mt Deep

To know more about the various wrecks around our local dive sites please visit our dedicated webpage Dive Sites

Important Note:

It’s strictly prohibited on any wreck in the Maltese Islands to handle, remove or retain artifacts or pieces of the wreck itself.

P29 Patrol Boat
This wreck was scuttled on 14th August 2007

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