About Aquatica Dive Centre

Now diving Deeper than Ever

After  several years in the diving industry and having built an impeccable  reputation on the Maltese Islands, since 2008 we have decided that it’s  time for us to launch our technical diving services.

This long awaited addition to our dive centre compliments  the numerous other diving activites we already offer and is intended  to promote and encourage continued diver education together with the  discovery and better appreciation of our local dive sites.

Our venture into technical diving was inevitably accompanied by a substantial  investment in new equipment, upgrades in our filling station and several  other sections of the dive centre’s operation in order to offer  only the best to every single diver.

Who are we ?


Aquatica  originally starts off as a small family run business that year after  year has grown into a well established and respected dive centre. Our  experience through-out the years of operation have thought us that it  not the quantity that is important but the Quality. It is this attention  to detail and our way of doing things the right way (not always the  easy way) that have set Aquatica Dive Centre on a higher level amongst  the diving community in the Maltese Islands.


Due to our  ideology we have always given importance to every single client that  passes through our doors and catered for the individual needs because  we want you to remember us not just as a professional dive centre in  Malta but as a group of friends dedicated in providing a high quality  service in a friendly atmosphere that you will always feel welcome and  happy to be part of.

Please have a look at our testimonials section to see what our past customers thought about our service.

Our Mission

We understand that a large portion in the success and  enjoyment of your diving, and over all holiday in Malta, relies in our  hands. For this reason we carry this responsibility with great pride  and confidence knowing that whatever service you require it will surely  be of the highest level.

That’s why one of our favorite mottos is "your enjoyment is our satisfaction"