Independent Diving

Do your own thing

Divers  who are qualified as Advanced  Open water (or equivalent) and who want dive independently from  the dive centre without a guide are authorized do so. You can simply  rent the equipment you require for the day and provide your own means  of transport.


A “Local Diving Permit” is no longer required however you will  still need to fill all the documentation provided by the dive  centre and also a medical questionnaire (provided by dive centre)

We highly recommend that you have good knowledge of our local dives  sites before you decide to go diving independently so you can make the  best out of your diving adventures and be safe at all times.

If you don’t have much experience diving in Malta or else it’s  your first time visit to our Island we suggest you join our guided  excursions. By doing so we will be able to show you around all our interesting  and unique sites and with the help of our Instructors share our local knowledge and experience so you can safely enjoy your diving adventures in Malta.

     Independent Divers   
Advanced Certification  Required

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