Wreck Dives

Wrecks are a very popular attraction

Wrecks are a very popular attraction around our local dive sites. The wrecks present on our dive sites fall under two distinct categories:

a) Historical wrecks of which most relate to WW II  
b) Wrecks scuttled to form artificial reefs to attract both fish and divers alike.

In the first case this is due to the strategic positioning of the Maltese Islands and it’s major involvement during both WW I & II. This has left dozens of wrecks scattered around the Maltese coast lying at a considerable depth for several years undisturbed. Only in the recent years with the practice of tec diving becoming more popular could these wreck be rediscovered and admired in all their majestic beauty and historical importance.

Ranging from about 40meters to more than 100mt one can find battle ships, minesweepers, bomber planes, submarine and E boats. Most of these dives are exclusive to a small number of divers that have the training, and most importantly, the experience to visit these wrecks that lay in the deep blue in testimony for their glorious past.

            Wreck Dives       
Karwela - Gozo

It is also important to remember that while diving on and around wrecks is safe enough for all divers, penetration is strictly reserved to qualified and experienced divers that have received adequate training.

To know more about the various wrecks around our local dive sites please visit our dedicated webpage Tec Dive Sites

Important Note: It’s strictly prohibited on any wreck in the Maltese Islands to handle, remove or retain artifacts or pieces of the wreck itself. 

            Wreck Dives       
P29 Patrol Boat

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