Discover hidden Beauties

We are glad  to offer a vast range of diving excursions that will take you around  the best, most typical dive sites in Malta.

All our excursions are guided by experienced &  professional instructors with whom you can discover the hidden natural  beauties and provide you also with all the information about marine  life, local diving environment and the various wrecks aroundour waters.  Our groups are kept small for the enjoyment and safety of every diver. 


We visit dive sites that are spread over Malta, Gozo & Comino and feature   both shore and boat dives. Most of the diving is done from shore due to the   fact that points of interest are easily and directly accessible from shore without   any need of long exhausting surface swims.



Boat Dives

The boat kicks in when we  are diving around Comino, some sites around Gozo and other wrecks that  are situated away from the shore.
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Dives in Gozo can be either  from shore or boat. In the case we’ll be diving it from shore we would  need to cross over by ferry and drive around Gozo to the various dive  sites.
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An added advatage

The fact that the dives are  spread all round the Islands makes it really good and practical way  to view the different places as you travel from site to site.



Our usual schedule consists  of 2 dives in the morning (starting approx 08.00 till 13.00) and a third  dive (or night dive) which is held in the afternoon and left optional  to any divers willing to join in.


Choosing a dive site

The sites to visit are carefully  selected on 3 primary factors

1) the customers preference
2) the weather and sea conditions
3) the actual certification level of the divers during that excursion.



Divers will be requested to  present their diving certification and logbook prior to start diving  so kindly remember to pack it in with your belongings before flying  to Malta. A medical will be required only if you fail the medical questionnaire  that will be provided by the dive centre.

What costs are involved?

For quotes and holiday planning we highly recommend to contcat us so we can provide you with the exact prices and accurate quote according to your needs.