Wreck + Deep + Nitrox Course



4 Days

Experience Required:

PADI Adventure Diver
(or equivalent)

Minimum Age:

15 Years

PADI Materials NOT included:

Wreck Manual €36 + Deep Manual €36 + EANx Manual €42

Certification Taxes – €120


3 Theory Sessions  + 4 Wreck Dives (2 of dives with EANx) + 4 Deep Dives

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You will be able to do your Wreck + Deep + EANx Diver Specialty courses in one combined package. This will not only add to your education and knowledge as a diver but will also give you more bottom time on those wrecks you like most.

Note that all Nitrox theory will have to be completed prior to the start of the dives. This package includes 8 dives and requires at 4 days to be completed.


The Theory Sessions of this Combo Course Package are also available in PADI e-learning.