EFR Primary & Secondary Care



1 Day

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Theory & Practical Application

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Take a step toward emergency preparedness and meet Rescue Diver prerequisites with Emergency First Response / React Right.

As one of the foremost international CPR and first aid training companies, Emergency First Response / React Right gives you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies — not just in the diving world, but in your every day world with your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers too.

First aid and CPR are good skills for anyone involved in adventure sports – just in case. And, you need these skills for the  Rescue Diver course.

Emergency First Response / React Right specializes in teaching these lifesaving skills – and they’re for anyone, not just divers. Most  Instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructors.

The fun part about Emergency First Response / React Right training is learning serious medical emergency response skills in an upbeat, positive environment. You gain the confidence that you are prepared to help in an emergency.

This course requires half a day to be completed.