Experience Required:

Complete Beginner

Dive Gear Included:

Full Dive Gear

Minimum Age:

10 Years


Basic introduction to diving briefing followed by one dive in the sea. Instructor will be with you all times and in very small groups.

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This is your chance to experience it first hand and look at the world from a different perspective. Enjoy the freedom being weightless underwater, it’s the closest you can get to experience the zero-gravity feeling that astronauts get during their missions.

Experience – No Experience Required
Duration – 3 hours
Minimum Age – 10 years
Features – 1 Sea Dive
Includes – Full Equipment

The program lasts approximately 3 hours and no prior experience is required to join this activity.

We will supply you with all you need for the dive and we will also spend a good portion of the time explaining the basic facts about diving so you will be aware of the key elements and information for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

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The in-water segment during this activity is very gradual and you will be given time to adapt to the new sensation of breathing from a regulator. As you progress you will find that it’s not difficult at all to breath underwater and all your thoughts disappear.

The instructor will then introduce you to some basic skills required by every diver such as clearing water from a mask and clearing water from a regulator. All this will be done in water deep enough to stand up in and you will have time to practice these skills under the direct supervision of the instructor.

You will immerse your self in a new world where the silence is broken only buy your own bubbles as you exhale. For most people diving changes the way they think and look at life – that’s why “diving will change your life” is such a common statement.

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"Duration 3 hours" "Minimum Age 10 years"