Experience Required:

Adeguate swimming skills

Dive Gear Included:

Full Dive Gear

Minimum Age:

10 Years


Introductive Briefing followed by 1 skill session in shallow water and 1 dive sessions in the sea. Instructor will be with you all times and students in very small groups. On completion of the program you will also be awarded with a DSD completion certificate.

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This is the full  Discover Scuba Diving program.

The full Discover Scuba Diving program consists of 2 dives. The first dive, like the DSD 1, starts from very shallow water and beyond giving you the time to adapt to the new sensation of breathing from a regulator it also introduce you to some basic scuba diving skills. The second dive allows you to explore the surrounding area, discovering the underwater world at a maximum depth of 12 meters and gives you more time to learn and acquire basic in water exercises.

This full DSD version is a great way to give you real perspective on what it really takes to become a qualified diver.

You will be registered  as having completed the DSD activity and can also receive credit shall you decide to enroll for the open water course at a later stage.

In fact the DSD is based on the first section of the Open Water Diver Course.