TEC 40



3 – 4 Days

Experience Required:

PADI Advanced Diver (30 Dives Logged)

+ Enriched Air Diver (10 Eanx Dives Logged)

+ Deep Diver (10 Dives Logged at 30m)

Medical Statement

Minimum Age:

18 Years

PADI Materials NOT included:

Tec Deep Diver Manual  €94

Certification Tax  €40


3 Theory Sessions + 4 TEC40 Training Sessions

Tec Equipment rental included:

1 stage Tank with regulator & SPG


The PADI Tec 40 course is your transition from recreational scuba diving to technical diving. It’s a great place to start because it’s the first subdivision of the full PADI Tec Diver course and bridges the gap between no stop diving and full technical deep decompression diving. You gain experience and begin building the knowledge and skills you need to continue your tec diver training. You will qualify to make limited decompression dives to 40 metres/130 feet.

The Tec 40 course consists of three knowledge development sections, four practical application sessions of training dives. You’ll learn about:

  • Technical diving’s risks and responsibilities
  • Technical diving equipment, proper rigging and set up
  • Gas planning, oxygen limits and decompression planning
  • Team diving techniques and emergency procedures, such as dealing with free flows, manifold leaks and out of gas situations

You’ll start with your basic scuba diving equipment and add technical equipment, which essentially means you’ll begin to double up on gear. You will dive with backmounted single tank and a stage tank.

The Eco-Doppler exam is mandatory to attend the course!